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We are an established subcontractor in Hong Kong and principally engage in the provision of wet trades works and other wet trades related ancillary works. Wet trades works include plastering on floors, walls and ceilings, tile laying on internal and external walls and floors , brick laying and marble works. According to the Industry Report, our Group ranked the fifth in the Hong Kong wet trades market in terms of revenue in 2018, and accounted for approximately 3.8% of the market share in 2018. According to the Industry Report, there were approximately 530 contractors and sub-contractors registered under the trade specialities of “Finishing Wet Trades” and “Marble Granite and Stone Works” as at 31 January 2019.

Our Group provides wet trades works through our principal operating subsidiaries, namely, Pak Fai and Ma Yau. Both of our principal operating subsidiaries have registered in the Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme (formerly known as the Subcontractor Registration Scheme) of the Construction Industry Council. Pak Fai and Ma Yau first completed such registration under the predecessor scheme in April 2004 and our registration has since then covered finishing wet trades, marble, granite and stone work with a wide range of specialties including brick work, plastering and tiling, spray plaster and screeding, marble and granite works.



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Our direct customers include main contractors and subcontractors of various building construction projects in Hong Kong while the ultimate owners of the projects undertaken by us mainly include the Government and property developers. As a subcontractor, we mainly secure our projects from contractors through tenders by invitation. We strive to maintain good relationship with our major customers to establish good reputation and to gain future business opportunity.